About Sights


Anyone can shoot a bow without using a sight. But the fact is that for most of us, our results will improve substantially with sights. This holds especially true for beginners in the sport, where the right sights can really help you increase your skills and zero in on the bull’s-eye. Whether hunting or shooting targets, good sights will simply make you a better archer. At SCHEELS, we carry a big assortment of bow sights, peep sights and accessories to suit any skill level and meet any budget..

Affixed to a bow string, a peep sight will work with a bow sight to boost accuracy even more. You’ll simply look through the peep sight and line up the pin on the front bow sight with the target. At SCHEELS, we stock peep sights that will improve your aim without draining your wallet. A small investment in one of our peep sights can pay off big in better accuracy.