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Athletic Cups & Supporters

SCHEELS carries a selection of athletic cups and supporters aimed at helping athletes perform at their fullest. Wearable, lightweight, and discreet, SCHEELS athletic cups and supporters help protect vital areas of the body from impact and injury during physical activities. Whether you are a professional athlete or just enjoying a game of pick-up, SCHEELS has the perfect protective wear to suit your needs.

Every product is designed with the athlete in mind, no matter the activity they are participating in. SCHEELS offers athletic cups and supporters in a range of sizes, ensuring athletes get the proper fit for the most protection. SCHEELS also carries a range of materials, ranging from ventilated fabric to hard plastic designs, all of which make for a comfortable and secure fit. All of our athletic cups and supporters also offer adequate ventilation to keep your body cool during strenuous activities. Visit SCHEELS to get the best athletic cups and supporters today!