Balance Balls


About Balance Balls

Balance Balls for Core Strengthening

Shop balance balls, exercise balls, and balance trainers for your core at SCHEELS. Whether you want to improve your balance or strengthen your core, using a balance ball is a great option for your workout. SCHEELS carries a great selection of balance trainers including balance balls, half balance balls, balance boards, and more. Whichever style of balance trainer you prefer, you’ll improve your fitness, posture, and balance.

While balance balls, also called stability balls or exercise balls, are great for training your core, they are also a great option for other workouts. Balance balls and half balance balls are great for yoga and other low-impact workouts, challenging your core and back muscles to maximize your workout. You can also engage your core by adding a wobble board or balance disc to your exercise routine. From core workouts to yoga, find the best balance ball for your fitness goals at SCHEELS.