Black Powder Guns


About Black Powder Guns


Whether you’re an expert hunter searching for your next game or beginner interested in a new way of hunting, shop SCHEELS leading brand selection of black powder guns. Our SCHEELS experts hand-select the best leading industry brands to keep you focused on improving your hunting game for ultimate success. Among our leading brand selection are high-quality crafted black powder guns, including Traditions, Thompson Center Arms, Hornady, CVA and many more.

With leading quality features, a black powder gun can enhance your hunting skills by challenging your accuracy, a close shot distance, and special hunt seasons with less crowding to focus on the hunt. Built with top-quality safety mechanisms, internal hammer block safety, and unique features, Traditions has continued to remain one of the top black powder gun brands. If you’re searching for a specific black powder gun with specific features, ask one of our SCHEELS experts to help.

Please Note: You must be 18 or older to purchase a black powder gun. Black powder guns are only available for purchase at one of our SCHEELS locations. A current ID, verified address, background check and payment verification are required.