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About Brass

When it comes to hand loading, a dependable brass case is crucial to creating ammunition you can depend on. Whether you are reloading for your favorite hunting rifle or for that target pistol you take down to the range every day, SCHEELS offers quality brass cases that won't let you down.

Our unprimed and modified brass cases for reloading are available for a variety of ammunition. We have unprimed brass cases for reloading ammunition for popular pistols like .357 magnums, 9 mm Lugers and more. SCHEELS also carries brass cases for rifles like the popular .338 Winchester magnum, capable of stopping a grizzly bear in Alaska and suitable for big-game species all over North America and beyond.

Here at SCHEELS, you'll also find brass cases for classic cartridges like the .257 Weatherby magnum, said to be the favorite of famed cartridge developer Roy Weatherby. We also carry Hornady brass specifically modified to work with Lock-N-Load Precision gauges.