Cap Lights

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About Cap Lights


Illuminate the path with SCHEELS leading brands of cap lights. We offer top brands, including Browning in LED cap lights that can be worn on the bill of your cap, held in your hand, attached to a pack or positioned on the ground. This style, is a smart buy for night hunting, camping or tactical use or help illuminate the path to a hunting blind or to set up decoys.

While ordinary light bulbs wear out quickly, SCHEELS cap lights are long-lasting with LED lights certified for 100,000 hours of use. We offer a variety of cap light styles, including battery-operated, white LED lights for lighting up a locale and green LEDs for night vision, and cap lights that shine red, green and blue. To keep your cap light at the utmost quality, we offer water-resistant and adjustable tilt features that will let you swivel the light up or down to target your illumination.