Decoy Bags

About Decoy Bags

Decoy Bags to Keep Your High-Quality Decoys Protected From the Elements

Besides making it easier to organize and haul your decoys for every hunting trip, a durable decoy bag can provide added protection to waterfowl attractors. At SCHEELS, we carry a large selection of waterfowl, goose, and duck decoy bags in a range of styles, sizes, and price points to fit just about any need and budget. Our decoy bags are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the smallest duck decoys as well as the largest goose decoys.

You’ll find a wide selection of styles, including waterfowl decoy bags with convenient handles for carrying as well as backpack-style bags to carry on your shoulders with comfortable, padded straps, and waistbands. Most of these bags are designed to carry size to a dozen decoys comfortably and securely, although some models will hold many more. Made of tough materials, these bags will last many seasons and come with drain holes or mesh to help get the water out while you’re moving your decoys.