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About Food & Treats

With the best quality dog food and dog treats, you can properly train happy, healthy and productive hunting dogs. SCHEELS offers a big selection of treats for every taste, from popular Purina products to nutritious and health support products from NutriSource and Nylabone. You'll find treats specially designed for puppies, treat-filled toys, dog snacks, rawhide and meat bones, dog dental treats and various flavors of dog biscuits. We also have a full line of NutriSource dog food designed for specific ages and to address certain concerns.

Dog treats are excellent rewards either while in training or out on hunts. Reward-based training (using both affection and treats) has been found to be highly effective in developing exceptional retriever skills. We're with you every step of the way with the highest quality hunting dog supplies, such as training books and accessories, grooming and care, electronic collars, dog toys, food and treats.