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Dumbbells, & Dumbbell Sets, Free Weights & Free Weight Sets

Build muscle and take your at home fitness center to the next level with SCHEELS selection of dumbbells, free weights, and free weight sets. We offer a wide selection of cast iron or rubberized single dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells, and dumbbell sets with a storage rack to add to your home gym. Whether you’re looking for a dumbbell weight set or single dumbbells, our selection features different weights ranging from one pound up to over fifty pounds. With brands like Bowflex and PowerBlock, you know you’re getting adjustable dumbbells and dumbbell sets that will last for years.

If you’re lifting heavier weights while bench pressing, squatting, or power cleaning, you can find Olympic weight plates and free weights in a variety of weights and styles. With free weights, you’re able to customize how much weight you lift depending on which muscles you want to target. You can even find free weight sets to offer a wide variety of different sizes. Our selection also features weight lifting bars and threaded bars for home use. Improve your strength and fitness at home with free weight sets, dumbbell sets, dumbbells, and more from SCHEELS dumbbells and free weights collection.