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About Eye Protection

Protect Your Eyes with a Variety of Eye Protection Styles for Outdoor Activities

At SCHEELS, our protective eye gear is designed by top brands, including Radians, Daisy, and Browning for the shooting range, hunting, work sites, and other activities demanding eye protection. Shop our durably made protective shooting glasses with side ventilation ports for fog control and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses designed to block 99.9-percent of harmful UV rays.

We offer wrap-around safety shooting glasses that meet or exceed ASTI z87.1 safety standards and protective, protective glasses to fit over prescription glasses and shooting glasses specifically made for women and children. Protect your eyes and ears with custom shooting glasses designed with built-in retractable earplugs. In addition, our hunting and shooting range pros created a versatile protective eye gear collection that includes clear and colored lens protective glasses with adjustable nose bridges, height, and wrap-around fit.