About Feeders

Game Feeders for Deer & Other Wildlife

Shop deer feeders at SCHEELS and attract deer to your land. We offer game feeders from Moultrie, Boss Buck, and more so you can start bringing deer to your area. Youā€™ll find a variety of feeders like gravity deer feeders and automatic deer feeders, plus a variety of accessories like feeder parts, batteries, and attachments.

A deer feeder is a great way to guide deer to certain areas, like next to your food plot or into a clearing. Gravity feeders are a great choice for placing on the edge of plots and provide deer easy access to feed. Automatic feeders allow you to set feeding times so you can ensure a consistent supply of food in an area. To get the most out of your automatic feeder, be sure to check out our selection of feeder accessories like solar panels and rechargeable batteries. Attract deer and other wildlife to your area with a quality deer feeder from SCHEELS.

Please follow all local laws and regulations on feeding deer.