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About Accessories


SCHEELS is your premiere source for all your fishing accessories. We have a wide selection of high-quality products to help you reel in, clean and cook the day’s catch. You’ll find many different varieties of line, plus tools and accessories such as spoolers and swivels. Browse a huge variety of tackle boxes, accessory cases and storage systems. We have tackle box and fishing kits that include items like floats, jig heads, swivels, plastic baits and bass hooks. For big fishing adventures, there are also fishing backpacks to hold all your gear. There are professional bat organizers, multi-drawer tackle boxes, and even some styles that are waterproof.

Our large selection of fishing tools, include fillet knives, multi-tools, nets, forceps, pliers, minnow traps, cutter tools, bait buckets, traps, fish and game shears, fishing carts and tool sets. Clean and cook your freshly caught fish with the help of a portable cleaning table, fillet board, skinner and fillet kit. For securely storing your fishing rods in a garage or on a boat, we have a selection of rod holders and racks. You’ll also find instructional DVD’s to improve your fishing skills.