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Buzz Baits & Topwater Baits

When fishing for bass, a buzz bait is a great option as it stirs a lot of water and moves in a straight line. With a buzz bait, you’re able to get the attention of the bass in order to lure them to the bait. Buzz baits are also known as topwater baits because they slice through the surface of the water. In the right fishing situations, buzz baits are super effective in luring in your next catch whether it’s bass or a different fish species.

At SCHEELS, our selection of buzz baits includes leading fishing tackle brands like StrikeKing, Z-man, Booyah, and more. Some of the most popular buzz baits include the StrikeKing Premier BuzzBait, Booyah Buzz BuzzBait, and StrikeKing Swing Sugar BuzzBait. All of these buzz baits are perfect additions to your tackle collection. If you’re fishing for bass this summer, check out the selection of buzz baits at SCHEELS.