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About Fishing Conventional Reels

Conventional Reels for Fishing

Shop our selection of conventional reels for fishing at SCHEELS. We carry conventional reels for freshwater and saltwater fish that feature all the premium features you need like high gear ratios, smooth drags, ergonomic designs, and more. If you’re looking for a fishing reel that is strong, sturdy, and capable of handling large fish, a conventional reel is an excellent choice. Whether you choose to use your conventional reel for trolling, deep-sea fishing, or butterfly jigging, you can trust your reel from SCHEELS to get the job done.

We carry leading brands like Lew’s and Shimano conventional reels so you experience dependable performance. Whether you are fishing for lunker largemouth, big catfish, bull redfish, or cow stripers, these conventional reels can help you haul in virtually any serious target. Get ready for your fishing season ahead with the best conventional reels from SCHEELS.