Fishing Downriggers & Planer Boards


About Fishing Downriggers & Planer Boards

Freshwater Fishing Accessories

Make sure your fishing boat has all the freshwater fishing accessories including planer boards and downriggers. With a planer board, you’ll be able to maximize your opportunity to catch fish with more than one line going at a time. For when you are slowly trolling, these planer boards still offer incredible performance. Whether you’re walleye fishing or bass fishing, these planer boards will help you find your next catch.

If you are a more serious angler, shop the selection of downriggers from top brands like Scotty and Cannon. Whether you are looking for a manual downrigger or an electronic downrigger, SCHEELS carries the right option for your next fishing tournament. In addition to planer boards and downrigger, our freshwater fishing selection includes accessories such as clips, flags, cables, and more for either your planer board or downrigger.