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Braided Fishing Line

When you need a tough fishing line, braided fishing line is ready for any job. With multiple strands of fishing line braided together, braided fishing line is incredibly strong and won’t stretch—that’s what makes braided line so sensitive. Plus, with this durability, braided fishing line allows you to fish in thick vegetation without having to worry about your line breaking or tangles. SCHEELS offers a wide selection of braided fishing line from top brands including PowerPro, Sufix, Berkley, and more so you know you’re always getting the best quality.

One of the best braided fishing line options is the Berkley FireLine or a Power Pro braided line. SCHEELS selection of braided fishing line offers a variety of different colors from yellow and black to clear and green. Also, depending on what species of fish you're looking to catch, braided line comes in a wide variety of test weights. No matter how difficult the catch might be, SCHEELS offers the best braided fishing line for your next trip.