Line Counter Fishing Reels


About Line Counter Fishing Reels

Line Control with Line Counter Reels

Shop SCHEELS wide selection of line counter reels before your next fishing trip. From top brands including Okuma, Daiwa, and SCHEELS Outfitters, you’ll find the best line counter reel for you. Our selection of line counter reels for trolling includes a variety of features, like digital or analog readouts and customizable retrievers and handles. Whether you’re fishing with lead core line, planer boards, or want to hit an exact depth, fishing line counter reels offer precise line control for efficient fishing.

If you’re trolling in deep water, line counter trolling reels allow you to better manage the amount of line you’ve let out so you can reach specific depths. If you’re fishing alone, you can set multiple line counter fishing reels at different depths, allowing you to run several rigs simultaneously without worrying about snagging your own line. Perfect for trolling for walleye and other deepwater species, line counter fishing reels work best with heavier lead core lines. No matter your target species or preferred setup, find a quality line counter reel at SCHEELS.