About Locators

It’s a crisp morning out on calm waters, and you're leisurely fishing from the comfort of your boat. If that sounds like heaven to you, consider making the experience even better by picking up some marine electronics from SCHEELS. These units are about so much more than just fish-finding technology (although that’s certainly a big perk). A good sonar and GPS unit will also help you navigate to exactly where you want to go while ensuring that you're in safe waters. You'll decrease the risk of damage to your boat by being able to see images of the marine floor beneath you. And that fish-finding technology mentioned earlier certainly makes your fishing trips more successful than before.

In addition to a variety of marine GPS and sonar devices, you'll also find handy accessories when you shop at SCHEELS. A good mount ensures that your device stays put while you're out on the water. You can also find information to help with installing and setting up your new marine electronics. Shop the full collection to find the perfect fit for your watercraft at SCHEELS.