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Before you head out to cast for muskies, make sure you have all the right tackle for musky fishing. SCHEELS’ selection of musky lures includes a variety of styles and colors from the brands that know what the fish want. Targeting the elusive musky requires an irresistible fishing lure. Our lures for musky fishing feature the most vibrant and attractive colors, reflections, and shapes. Whether you’re looking for spinners with a tail or realistic crankbaits, we’ll have the musky lures you need to catch a trophy fish.

With brands like Rapala, Musky Innovations, and Mepps, SCHEELS carries a wide selection of the most premium musky lures. If you like casting with spinner baits, you can find plenty of colors, styles, and sizes that will produce just the right amount of flash and vibration to prompt a strike. Crankbaits are another great option for a more realistic musky lure. From the Rapala Shad Rap to Musky Mania crankbaits, you’re sure to find the best musky lure for whatever type of fishing you’re doing