Fishing Pliers

About Fishing Pliers


Every well-prepared fisherman needs a pair of high-quality fishing pliers in their tackle box. Fishing pliers are a staple for every fisherman's journey ahead, especially when you're reeling in a big catch. With a pair of SCHEELS outfitters and other leading brands with compact, yet heavy duty fishing pliers added to your tackle box, you’ll be able to efficiently remove hooks safely, cut fishing line and so much more.

At SCHEELS, we offer name-brand pliers in a variety of styles, including side-cutter pliers, forceps, bent nose pliers, bent nose pliers and more. Fishing pliers can be purchased separately or as a part of one of our kits, along with our selection of sharp fishing knives, scissors, clippers or jig busters. With quality features, including long-lasting durability, water-resistant materials and ergonomic handles for a controlled and controlled grip.