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Fishing Compenents for Spinner Rigs

Customise your spinner rig with the components that will create the perfect lure that fish can’t resist. SCHEELS carries top brand spinner rig components from blades, beads, and clevises to mix and match your customised lure. Our select fishing components come from brands such as Northland Tackle, Quick Change, Scheels Outfitters, and more. Whether you're fishing for bass or walleye this season, customise your spinning rig lure to your exact fishing scenario and fill that livewell.

Spinning rig lure components are most commonly built around spinning blades, clevises, and colored beads. Each of these three components adds an attractant to your hook that fish can’t resist. Whatever fishing situation you find yourself in, adding a customised spinner rig to your tackle loadout is a must. Shop our selection of top brand fishing components today!