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About Spinner Rigs

Fishing-Ready Spinner Rigs

Save time tying your own lures with a pre-tied spinner rig from SCHEELS. Whether you need a rig for walleye, lake trout, or another species, we’ve got it. Shop a variety of fishing-ready rigs including crawler harnesses, slow-death rigs, Lindy rigs, and more. Whether you’re an expert angler or just starting out, these spinner rigs are ready to go—just tie a clip on the end of your line and attach the rig.

Tying rigs can be time-consuming, which is where our fishing-ready spinner rigs are a great option! You’ll be ready to hit the water in no time without the hassle of buying components and tying your own line. Having extra rigs ready to go also makes it easy to try a new presentation or get your line back in the water after a snag. Each of our available spinner rigs features quality weights, blades, and line to bring you success on the water. From walleye to trout, find the right spinner rig for your tackle box at SCHEELS.