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When trolling open water for walleye and other fish species, you need to make sure you use a specialized fishing rod. At SCHEELS, we offer a selection of trolling rods from G. Loomis and Scheels Outfitters. With these trolling rods, you can use a variety of different bait, lures, and line in order to draw in your catch. Constructed with fiberglass or graphite, the blanks on these trolling rods are durable and reliable, especially while reeling in a difficult catch.

Whether you plan on using a planer board or downrigger, you’ll find a trolling rod to fit your fishing needs. While using a trolling rod, a planer board keeps your line away from your boat and lets you know when you have a bite, while a downrigger can be used with a trolling rod in order to keep your lure at the desired depth. Whatever your method for trolling for fish, you want to make sure you have the right trolling rod. Shop the selection of trolling rods at SCHEELS.