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About Fly Fishing Float Tube

Fishing Tube for Easy Casting

With a fly fishing float tube, you’re able to find the perfect fishing location even in remote areas. SCHEELS carries a selection of different fishing tubes from trusted brands like Caddis Sports and Outcast Sporting Gear LLC. By using a fishing tube, you’re able to move around a weedy lake or pond with ease just by kicking your feet, while your hands are free to cast and reel in your catch.

Aside from easier access to different areas on the water, a fly fishing float tube offers a specific design to hold and store your fly fishing gear. Plus, a fishing float tube features a backrest and cushioned seat to keep you comfortable for extended periods on the water. To make fly fishing from a float tube even easier, our selection includes tube fins to help propel you around the lake. Whether you’ve been fly fishing for years or are going on your first fly fishing trip, browse the selection of fishing tubes at SCHEELS.