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About Fly Fishing Rods

FIND EXCEPTIONAL FLY FISHING RODS AT SCHEELS At SCHEELS, we offer a name-brand selection of fly fishing rods to suit your needs and expectations from the industry’s leading manufactures such as ECHO, Fenwick and Hardy. Fly fishing is a no bait-and-wait activity, that calls for standing in the water, and casting a bait manipulating the line, casting and recasting, and scanning the surface of the water. Since your casting repeatedly when your fly fishing, you need a durable and high-quality fly fishing rod that guides the line fly without impediment, and a good light weight to reduce arm fatigue. Once you get a fish to bite the line, you’ll need a fly fishing rod with flexibility and durability to feel your catch’s movement and respond accordingly before the fish gets away. Whether you browse through our website selection or make it into one of our 27 store locations, you’ll find an outstanding range of choices. Our SCHEELS experts have spend plenty of time in the river learning the unique style of casting that fly fishing requires. With this knowledgeable background, our experts can help you select the best casting rod with their onsite expertise.