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About Food Plots & Feeders

Attract Wildlife with Food Plot Mix and Feeders

Prepare your land for the hunting season with minerals, food plot mixes, and deer feeders from SCHEELS. With top brands like Moultrie, Whitetail Institute, and BioLogic, you’ll find quality deer feed and minerals to draw wildlife into your property. Whether you want to attract deer for hunting or bring nature closer to home, we offer a variety of seeds and mixes for food plots.

If you’re looking for an easy way to attract deer, check out an automatic deer feeder. Featuring leading brands like Moultrie, our selection of feeders dispense corn or deer feed at adjustable intervals to draw deer closer. If you want to promote the long term health of the deer in your area, SCHEELS offers several deer feed mixes and minerals designed to encourage growth and help sustain deer populations. Find everything you need to plant a food plot for deer and other wildlife at SCHEELS.

Please follow local laws and regulations on feeding deer.