Sausage Stuffers


About Sausage Stuffers

Sausage Stuffers & Stuffer Tubes

Make your own sausage, snack sticks, and more with sausage stuffers and sausage stuffing equipment. With top brands like LEM, you’ll find a great meat stuffer for your home kitchen. A sausage stuffer allows you to make delicious sausage, bratwurst, and even snack sticks. Whether you’re looking for an electric sausage stuffer or a manual sausage stuffer, shop the wide selection of stuffers at SCHEELS.

In addition to sausage stuffers, you’ll also find accessories like sausage stuffer tubes and snack stick tubes. Stuffer tubes attach to the nozzle on the sausage stuffer and allow you to fill casings of a variety of sizes so you can make a variety of meats like sausage links, bratwurst, and snack sticks with one meat stuffer. With electric stuffers, manual stuffers, and a wide selection of stuffer tubes, find everything you need to make homemade sausage at SCHEELS.