Steam Cooking


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About Steam Cooking

At SCHEELS, we carry a selection of equipment and accessories for efficient steam cooking. Among our offerings you'll find high-quality steam pots, steaming racks and delicious seasonings. If you're an avid hunter, you might not think of steaming when it comes to preparing your wild game. Think again!

Steam cooking has many benefits. Steaming foods maintains essential vitamins and minerals and preserves flavor. Many people think that only vegetables can be steamed, but the truth is, you can also steam cook rice and fish as well as meat. In fact, steaming meat will remove the fat so it can be thrown out, thereby reducing the meat’s calories and cholesterol. When you steam foods, you no longer have to use fat or oil, so you have a healthier and lighter meal. Steaming is also a clean way to cook (no smoke and no oil) and best of all, you can layer various kinds of food in a single pot!