About Frogs

Get that surface-feeding fish to strike at your line with our premium brands in top water fishing lures from SCHEELS. Shop our floating and non-floating topwater lures by brands like Arbogast, Booyah, Bomber and LiveTarget. Make your topwater the first lure you use in the morning or at night in warmer waters. We have anatomically correct hollow-body frog lures for topwater fishing rivers and reservoirs with bass, walleye and northern pike. We have fish-catching spinnerbait with the blades and vibration to attract those really cautious fish. Try our line of premium brands in handcrafted wood lures designed to resemble the motion of fleeing shad. Our friendly, in-house SCHEELS experts will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding our lures. That’s because we love talking fishing, too. Also shop our premium finds in rods, reels and other tackle.