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The short game can make or break your time on the course, so golfers need to invest in quality golf wedges. SCHEELS carries a wide selection of golf wedges for sale including golf wedge sets too. Whether you’re needing a sand wedge, lob wedge, pitching wedge, or gap wedge, SCHEELS carries the right degree of loft you need in your golf wedge to help improve your short game. Golf wedges are designed to hit the ball higher in the air, allowing you to drop the ball on the green or make a chip shot. No matter what type of golf wedge you need, we carry top brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, Cleveland, and Callaway, so you’re sure to find the perfect golf wedge for your game.

With sand wedges for getting out of traps and lob wedges for short approaches to the green, our selection of golf wedges will help you put the ball where it needs to go to keep you below par. If you need a little more distance with your golf wedge, a pitching wedge is a great choice. If you want the distance of a pitching wedge but are looking for a little more loft, a gap wedge offers a nice in-between. Whether your short game is perfect or could use a little help, SCHEELS carries a selection of golf wedges and golf wedge sets for you to choose from!