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Golf Rangefinders for Precise Distance

Golf rangefinders are designed to provide golfers with a specific and accurate distance reading to their intended target. You can use a golf rangefinder to measure the distance to a pin or the distance needed to clear a sand bunker or water hazard. Knowing this data will inform which club you choose in order to leave yourself with an optimal lie. SCHEELS carries a variety of golf rangefinders from leading brands like Bushnell, Garmin, and more so you can trust long-lasting performance and accuracy. With a range of different price points, you’re able to find the right golf rangefinder to fit your budget and your skill level. Our variety even includes rangefinders with slope so that you know the change in elevation, and many golf rangefinders allow you to turn the slope on and off allowing them to be used in tournaments too. If you’re at the point in your golf game where a golf rangefinder can make the difference, start with the selection at SCHEELS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy a Golf Rangefinder with Slope?

The slope feature on a golf rangefinder will give you an even more accurate distance readout because it takes into consideration the elevation change. This could be a difference of several yards. It’s important to note that you cannot use the slope function when playing in a tournament, so if you plan on using your golf rangefinder during these tournaments, be sure to get one that you can turn your slope function on or off.