Goose Decoys

About Goose Decoys

Find a Unique Selection of Goose Decoys to Add to Your Spread

At SCHEELS, we carry a broad selection of Canada and snow goose decoys, flags, and accessories to help you bag more honkers. Decoys are an effective way to bring in flocks of wild honkers for exciting hunting action, and the sport continues to evolve with exciting new developments. Flags are becoming an extremely popular way to the attraction of your decoy spread, for instance, and some hunters, especially in Canada, are finding that goose decoys can be just as effective for luring ducks as they are for geese.

We offer decoys in a variety of styles, giving you the ability to add unique variations to your spread to make it more attractive to wary geese and ducks. Select from floating, flapper, feeding, and sleeper goose decoys for the water as well as amazingly realistic full-body decoys for land. We also carry a full lineup of goose flags that product incredibly lifelike action and will wave geese into your decoy spread.