Gun Cases & Safes

About Gun Cases & Safes


Whether you have an antique collection of firearms or need to keep your guns protected, SCHEELS offers a large selection of high-quality and durable gun cases and safes. To keep your guns protected from impact, dust and tampering, SCHEELS carries only leading name-brands, including Battenfeld Technologies, Stack-On, SKB, Plano and Allen.

These leading name-brands offer high-quality hard-sided and soft-sided cases with foam interior for added protection, waterproof and dust repellant, double throw latches and stainless steel hardware. Soft-sided cases are most suitable for short-term carrying and traveling storage and hard-sided cases are most suitable for top-level protection. For sturdy and long-term gun protection, SCHEELS has a great selection of safes with efficient gun locks, gun racks and cases.