Gun Cleaner

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About Gun Cleaner

Clean your firearms with our famous-maker gun cleaning supplies and tools from SCHEELS. We have brushes, cleaning patches, brass jags and jag adapters. We have gun cleaning kits with all the tools you'll need inside one secured case. Shop our gun cleaner mops, scrapers, wedges and gun cleaning mats. Remove powder fouling, lead and other contaminants. Keep your weapon in good working order with our gun oils and degreasing solvents.

We have products for pistols, rifles and shotguns. Shop our exclusive SCHEELS Outfitters line of gun cleaners. For example, our in-house SCHEELS Outfitters brand pistol cleaning kit comes with a sturdy plastic case plus a brass rod, phosphor bronze brush, cotton/wool blend mop, nylon double-ended brush and brass jag. Shop other top brands like Hoppeā€™s, M-Pro, Real Avid and Pro-Shot.