Gun Cleaning Brushes

About Gun Cleaning Brushes

Our gun cleaning brushes at SCHEELS are by Outers, Pro Shot, Birchwood Casey and other trusted manufacturers. Find an assortment of brushes in our 62-piece gun cleaning kit that includes mops and jags, too. We carry angled-neck brushes that will reach areas where straight-handle brushes can’t go. Use the stainless steel bristles on hard metals on your firearm and the nylon bristle brushes on areas where you want to avoid scratches.

Choose gun-cleaning brushes designed to tackle powder residues and burn marks. We have twisted and tapered stainless steel brushes designed to fit in the ports of most shotguns to clear out wad residue and eliminate carbon fouling. Use a gun cleaning kit with picks, swabs and a double-ended brush to clean smallest areas on your firearm. Also shop our gun cleaner pads, cleaning cloths and gun solvents.