Cleaning Patches


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About Cleaning Patches

We have the right size in patches to clean your gun at SCHEELS. These 100 percent cotton flannel patches will carry the fouling through the bore of your gun with a minimum of abrasive contact with the rifling. We have gun cleaning patches by Pro-Shot, Hoppeā€™s and other respected brands. Our 2-inch diameter cotton gun cleaning patches are a great size for muzzleloaders. The versatile 2 1/2-inch dia. can be used as is or doubled in thickness to accommodate .45-caliber to .58-caliber guns. Use your own gun cleaner with untreated patches, or purchase our pre-saturated gun cleaning patches.

Because cleaning solvents can drip, and cleaners and saturated patches can stain clothing and table surfaces, we also carry patch traps that can be attached to the muzzle of any gun. On the threaded end, screw on an empty cola or water bottle with threads. The bottle will catch and contain the cleaning agents and the used patches. Simply dispose of the used bottle. We have all the tools you need to clean and protect your handgun, rifle or shotgun.