Gun Maintenance

About Gun Maintenance

Keep your handguns, rifles and shotguns in great form with our advanced gun maintenance kits and tools from SCHEELS. Shop top brands like Real Avid, Lyman, Wheeler, Outers and Tipton. We have AR-15 maintenance kits with a field guide for assembly and cleaning, as well as scrapers, cleaning pads and picks, brushes and other tools. Micro cleaning kits are compact kits for use in the field to clean .22-caliber to .30-caliber rifles. Use our famous-maker gun vises to secure, gunsmith and clean your rifle or shotgun.

Store your tools and gun cleaning supplies in a gunsmith maintenance center with adjustable forks to hold the firearm right side up or upside down for cleaning. We have tactical gun cleaning systems designed to clean pistols, rifles, shotguns and in-line muzzleloaders. Gun maintenance mats will protect your firearm and workbench or table during maintenance, cleaning or repairs. These mats clean up with just soap and water. We also have universal gun grease and gun oils. Protect your guns with our gun cases and covers.