Gun Oil, Solvent & Cloths

About Gun Oil, Solvent & Cloths

Shop our premium-quality gun oils, cleaning solvents and gun cloths at SCHEELS. We carry respected brands like Birchwood Casey, Hoppeā€™s, Outers and Pro-Shot. We have universal gun grease and clean bore and action cleaners. Eliminate puddles in your gun bore with our famous-maker gun oils that create a micro-fine layer of oil. We have hunting firearm cleaning solvents designed to remove powder, rust and lead metal fouling. Use copper cleaning solvents to clean copper fouling from a gun bore overnight instead of over the course of four days.

Choose non-toxic, odor-free preservative gun oil designed to loosen rusted parts and prevent corrosion. Our famous-maker gun-seal oils will ward off the harsh effects of damp or salty environments. Multi-purpose gun cloths by top brands like Remington will inhibit corrosive damage. Choose versatile cloths designed to clean stainless surfaces and remove surface rust from guns. These cloths also can be used to clean and protect knives.