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About Guns

Leading-Quality Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, & More Available at SCHEELS

Whether you’re shopping for a firearm for your next hunting expedition or target shooting at the range, SCHEELS has a leading quality selection of firearms. Our SCHEELS firearm experts have the utmost knowledge and background for top-leading brands of firearms. The brands we carry are a top-quality brand of firearms with quality features and safety mechanisms, including Beretta, Ruger, Browning and dozens more.

If you’re a beginner looking forward to your first firearm purchase or expert planning on adding to your collection, consider our selection and customer service. To complement your new firearm, SCHEELS also carries a wide selection of shooting accessories, including holsters and cases to carry and protect your guns, scopes, magazines and gun safes. Browse our leading-quality selection of firearms online or visit our store locations and our SCHEELS firearm experts will be able to help you.

Please Note: Review your federal, state and/or local restrictions, some local and state laws have further restrictions or require a permit or license to purchase a firearm.