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Whether you are shopping for a gun for hunting, for target shooting and marksmanship, for self-defense or for some other reason, you should shop first and last at SCHEELS. We carry an amazing selection of guns, including rifles, shotguns and pistols. SCHEELS has all the leading brands, including Beretta, Ruger, Browning and dozens more. What’s more, when you shop at SCHEELS, you get unbeatable customer service and our guarantee of your complete satisfaction with your purchase.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice looking forward to your first firearm purchase or an old hand planning on adding to your collection. When you consider our selection, service and guarantee, you know you’ll get the gun you want.

Besides carrying a huge selection of rifles, shotguns and pistols, SCHEELS also has holsters and cases to carry and protect your guns. In addition, we have all the shooting accessories you need, including scopes, magazines and gun safes. Put it all together and your smartest, safest choice is to shop for your next gun at SCHEELS. Browse our gun pages or visit our stores, and if you have questions, just fill in our handy question form. You’ll get quick answers from our firearms experts.