Hand Grips

About Hand Grips


Whether you’re lifting weights and need a stronger grip or training for your next boxing or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) match, hand grips and hand wraps provide an easy and efficient way to strengthen your hands. At SCHEELS, our team of experts have carefully selected a leading name-brand selection of high-quality Hand Grips and Hand Wraps to strengthen and protect your hands to keep them healthy. You can shop with confidence with our selection of brands you trust, including GoFit, Grip Master, Troy, Sof Sole, and many more.

Our hand grips provide an easy and interactive way for you to give your hands a workout practically anywhere and at any time. We offer a variety of Resistance Hand Grips that give your hands a workout when you squeeze the handles. Besides strengthening your hands, they will add strength to your forearms as well. Also, if you’re an avid boxer or MMA fighter, our hand wraps are a must to protect your hands in order to boost your comfort and safety during training.