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About Hunting Clothing

A big part of the appeal of hunting for many hunters is being outside in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, being outside means exposing yourself to all kinds of weather. At SCHEELS, we offer a huge assortment of hunting apparel and footwear for men, women and kids. Made by the top apparel makers in the world, these clothes will keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather.

If you're partial to hunting ducks or other waterfowl, check out our assortment of waterproof boots and waders that will keep you high and dry no matter how deep the mud and water. Consider a pair of heavy wool socks to help your feet retain their heat. We've got plenty of hats and beanies to help you keep warm and dry when it’s cold as well as lighter hats and beanies to protect you from sun and rain.

Of course, we also carry jackets, pants and base layers specifically designed for hunting that include pockets in the right places and camo colors to keep you hidden. You'll find styles tailored for women as well as men, and we also have youth apparel to equip all hunters in your group.

The base layers and socks SCHEELS carries will provide you adaptability for the ever-changing conditions you're bound to encounter in the field, giving you reliable protection from the elements. If you need gloves or mittens that will keep your hands warm in the frostiest weather but will still give your fingers the sensitivity you need to hunt successfully, we've got plenty of products that will serve your needs. The hunting face masks available from SCHEELS will keep you warm while also helping to conceal you from your prey.

We also carry a range of packs and belts specially designed for hunters that make it easy to haul your gear no matter how long the hike. For those times when you're not hunting, you can keep the flame alive with the casual hunters apparel we carry. These T-shirts, hats and other clothing celebrate the hunting lifestyle and share your love of this great sport with everyone who sees you.

Even when you're not in the field, you can show your love of the outdoors and your favorite sport with the casual hunting gear available from SCHEELS.