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Deer Scents for Hunting

Attract deer and other wild game to your area with hunting scents from SCHEELS. Our selection of hunting scents includes deer scents, elk scents, and more. We carry high-quality scents from brands like Evercalm, Golden Estrus, Code Blue, and more, so you can entice game closer to your area. From natural doe estrus scent to doe urine, find the deer scents you need for a successful season.

SCHEELS selection of hunting scents will calm nearby deer and lure them closer. These scents are available in a variety of styles like spray bottles, scent sticks, and drip applicators so you can effectively mask your odor with the scent of your target species. Plus, we carry deer scent dispensers and drippers that hang from trees to attract game over longer periods of time. Bring deer in closer with reliable hunting scents from SCHEELS.