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Hunt from Above with Treestands and Accessories

Before your next deer hunt, shop SCHEELS’ selection of hunting treestands. Treestands keep you out of sight from deer and other game so you can better scout the field and make the shot of a lifetime. Whether you hunt with bows or rifles, SCHEELS offers a variety of treestands for several hunting styles. With top brands like Lone Wolf, Summit, Millennium, and more, you’ll find a quality stand for your next hunting trip.

Our selection includes climbing treestands, ladder stands, and hang-on treestands for versatile setup options. Climbing and hang-on stands are a great option for mobile hunters, while ladder stands are ideal for more permanent setups or multiple hunters. In addition to treestands, we carry a variety of treestand accessories like safety harnesses, climbing sticks, mounting straps, and more. Make sure you’re ready for your next deer hunt with a sturdy treestand from SCHEELS.