Ice Fishing Augers

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About Ice Fishing Augers

Augers for Ice Fishing

Drill the perfect hole with an ice auger from SCHEELS. Our selection of ice fishing augers includes several types of augers, including electric ice augers, gas augers, hand augers, and more. No matter which style of ice auger you’re after, shop leading ice fishing brands like Eskimo, StrikeMaster, ION, and more. Find the best ice auger for you, from portable ice fishing to power augers for fast cutting. Whether it’s your first-time ice fishing or you’re a seasoned ice angler, we carry a variety of ice augers so you can fish your best.

If you’re looking for an ice auger that’s easy to transport, check out our selection of hand augers and ice augers for cordless drills. If you plan to drill a lot of holes, choosing a power ice auger like an electric or gas auger is a great option. These ice augers use a motor to quickly spin the blade and easily drill through the ice. No matter which ice auger you prefer, you’ll be ready to drill some holes and start fishing with a new ice fishing auger from SCHEELS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get an 8-inch or 10-inch ice auger?

The most popular size of ice auger anglers choose to use is an 8-inch because it's large enough for most species. If you're choosing to fish large species like walleye and pike, a 10-inch auger may be a better choice for you.