About Rods


Ice fishing is a challenging sport that requires specially made ice fishing rods. These rods must be exceptionally strong to withstand harsh environmental conditions. However, the rods must also be extremely sensitive so that anglers will notice light bites from fish with metabolism that has slowed due to icy cold water. At SCHEELS, you’ll find ice rods that are short enough to work well in a small ice hut, and longer rods so that you can move it from hole to hold in search of the fish.

Ice fishing rods are available with different powers. The power of fishing rod is the amount of force required to bend the blank (core of rod). Rods are classified as ultra-light, light, medium and heavy. The power you choose should depend on the type of fish you want to catch. An ultra-light rod is ideal for panfish. Light rods are recommended for perch, while light to medium power rods are ideal for most trout, walleye and whitefish. Use a heavy rod for lake trout or pike.