Ice Fishing


About Ice Fishing

Get the Gear, Lure in the Catch for Ice Fishing Season

Now that the water has frozen over to a thick sheet of ice, it's time to take on the challenge of ice fishing season. But, before you head out to the ice for the big catch, make sure you have the ice fishing gear you need from SCHEELS. Our team of ice fishing experts has industry-leading knowledge to help you get back to the ice in no time with brand names such as Eskimo, Garmin, Vexilar, Otter, Clam, Googan Baits and more.

Whether you need an insulated ice house to stay protected and warm on ice from Clam or an ION X ice auger to drill through the ice to set the line, our ice fishing selection has everything you need for a successful season. Need to complement your ice fishing gear with a lucky lure? Shop our selection of Berkley or 13 Fishing lures to lure in even more fish. Still need help finding the right ice fishing gear? Our team of experts is here to help.