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About IWB Holsters

IWB Holsters: Inside the Waistband Holsters

Looking for discreet and comfortable concealment? Look no further than IWB holsters. Perfect for those who prefer to carry their firearms inside the waistband for optimal concealment, these holsters offer a secure fit and easy access. SCHEELS understands the importance of choosing the right holster, which is why we offer a selection of top brands such as Concealment Express and Sticky Holsters. Our range includes various sizes, from small to medium and more, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your firearm. Trust SCHEELS for quality IWB holsters that prioritize both comfort and concealment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does IWB Mean on a Holster?

IWB stands for inside the waistband, where you carry your firearm.

Is OWB or IWB Better?

Deciding between OWB holsters and IWB holsters come down to the type of firearm you're carrying and your personal preference. An OWB holster is ideal for heavier, larger firearms, while an IWB holster can be comfortable when carrying compact firearms.