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About Knives & Tools

The old saying that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one is true. Besides leading to more potential accidents, a dull knife can also be a real pain to work with, especially in the field. You won’t have to worry about dull knives if you shop at SCHEELS, however. We carry a huge assortment of premium knives, sharpeners, multitools, saws and tools that have thousands of uses outdoors, whether you’re hunting, fishing or camping. They are just as handy to have around the home.

Our knives are made by famous manufacturers like Gerber, Kershaw and many others. We have fixed-blade knives as well as folding knives you can carry in your pocket. Use our knives for field dressing while hunting or filleting after fishing, or for lots of other uses inside or outdoors. You’ll always want to have one handy.

To keep your knives sharp, we carry a range of knife sharpeners, from basic whetstones to electric sharpening stations and even industrial-strength belted sharpeners that can put a razor-sharp edge on your blades and tools.

SCHEELS also carries a complete assortment of shears, saws and tools that you can use for many outdoor tasks, like field dressing game or clearing trails. If you like to travel light, you’ll also want to check out the famous Leatherman multitools we offer. These ingeniously designed tools feature multiple tools that fold into one small pocket-sized package. Carry one in your pocket or in your vehicle to deal with practically any task from routine jobs to emergencies.