About Meats

Ground Beef, Wagyu Beef & Angus Beef

Up your grilling game with high-quality burgers that are flavor-filled. SCHEELS carries a selection of burgers and hamburger meat to grill up a tasty lunch. Choose between ground beef, Angus beef, wagyu beef, or our bundles to match your preference. Whether you’re looking for pre-made burgers or want to make and season your own, you’ll find just what you’re looking for with the selection at SCHEELS. Grill up a flavorful meal with high-quality beef today!

We receive our beef from Nebraska Star Beef which is a small, family-run beef producer. They ship all frozen packages with an optimal amount of dry ice to ensure you get your package to you in good condition so you can enjoy your beef! Choose between their Prestige® ground beef or all-natural ground beef depending on what you prefer. Take time to look through our selection of ground beef to make sure your freezer is never empty!