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Often times called a paddle or racket, a quality pickleball paddle is the first step to a complete pickleball set. SCHEELS offers a variety of pickleball rackets to choose from. It is important to note that pickleball paddles offer different characteristics like weight, shape, and build. A high-quality pickleball racket will have a consistent feel off the paddle and will also be able to grip the pickleball ball in order to create spin while still being lightweight. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, the quality of the paddle can be the difference between victory and defeat. SCHEELS carries a wide selection of pickleball rackets to choose from including top brands like Onix, Franklin, Engage, SelKirk, and more.

Pickleball paddle sets are a clever way to get friends or family members playing alongside you. If you are new to pickleball and would like to see if you enjoy the game, then a paddle set is the way to go. Once you find your love for pickleball, then you will understand what characteristics you want your pickleball paddle to have. Similarly, we offer pickleball paddles that come in different lengths and widths! Choose from a variety of paddle sets that come with two pickleball paddles and two pickleball balls from SCHEELS.